Compounded medications are drugs specifically prepared for a patient’s needs, based on a prescription from their doctor. At Dynasty Pharmacy in Toronto, our trained compounding pharmacists know how to mix different ingredients together to create an individualized medication for you in tailored strengths and dosages.

We can create a medication based on your doctor’s prescription and unique preferences. This is generally done to make medication easier for you to take. Compounded medications are typically made for:

  • Pain Management
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Podiatry Needs
  • Digestive System Issues
  • Wounds & Scars
  • Pediatric Dosages

What We Do?

Medication compounds are created from scratch by combining unprocessed ingredients in various forms. Our pharmacy staff can get ready:

  • Distinctive dosage forms that hold the precise amount of medication needed for every individual.
  • Drugs without ingredients that can cause issues, like alcohol, lactose, sugar, or dyes.
  • Combinations of different, complementary drugs into one dosage form.

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